August 8, 2017

Ep43 8-7-17 What is the significance of your glowing balls?

The Returnof the King? Return of the Jedi? 

Nah...just the return of Nick! Back from his "texting while at the movies" suspension he served, Nick is here just in time to accept his award for winning our 1st annual Summer Blockbuster Movie Draft.

Tony, Brian and Beau join in the fun with a healthy amount of news and Hollywood discussion. As well as movie reviews for Dunkirk, Girls Trip, Valerian & Planet of the Apes!!

You may wanna sit down for this episode gets a little wild!

Ratings and Reviews ALWAYS appreciated!


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Be Kind, Rewind:

Intro: 0:00

Dark Tower review: 3:25

Box Office results: 10:34

Summer Blockbuster Movie Draft Champion announcement: 13:35

Girls Trip review: 17:35

Valerian review: 21:05

War for Planet of the Apes review: 23:15

Hollywood News: 27:45

DC Discussion: 1:01:30

Marvel Minute: 1:04:55

Going Forward: 1:08:40


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