August 22, 2017

Ep45 8-21-17 Don’t google ‘I love you, Daddy’

A girl?? 

There's a girl on our show!

Ladies and gentlemen we introduce to you the newest addition to our Take Too family - Jenn. 

She joins Craig, Brian and Tony as the go off topic, more off topic and then even more off topic in this controlled chaos of an episode. Plenty of recent hollywood news, our box office and the usual DC/Marvel talk. Plus our fun topic of the week thanks to the eclipse: Movies associated with darkness. 

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Be kind, rewind:

  • Intro - 0:00
  • Box Office - 5:36
  • Dark movies topic: 14:30
  • RIP: 23:00
  • News: 26:45
  • Marvel Minute: 57:48
  • DC Discussion: 1:06:30
  • Going Forward: 1:23:45

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