March 28, 2017

Episode 24

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Brian, Nick, Tony, and Craig talk Beauty and the Beast, life, and Tony's General dislike of Power Rangers. We also talk box office and general entertainment news. Follow us on Twitter @TakeToopodcast. Check out the blog Email us

March 25, 2017

Birth Year show!! 3-20-17

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As established students of film as we are, we decided to go back to the beginning - literally. All six hosts chose two films from the year they were born that they had not seen before. We watched them and then recorded an episode chatting about them! Here it is for your listening pleasure. 1968, 1979, 1980 & 1981 represent!!

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Here it is!! The moment you have all been waiting for! Our LIVE facebook episode! 5 outta 6 hosts all in one room and streaming on video! We gave a behind the scenes look into what goes into the making of our show! Here is the audio from our massive event. News, Box office and so much more are just the side note to the amazing moment in podcast history!

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Grab a pen & paper for this one folks bc there is a ton of info! Both Kong & Get Out reviews as well as our Box Office plus so much more. Our news drops a ton of knowledge and the hosts get a touch off course throwing in convos about Back to the Future 3, Ferngully and all the Aliens ! Join Nick, Beau, Tony & Brian for this exciting adventure into TV/Film podcasting. oh...and the FLOTUS might stop by...

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