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Here it is folks!! Our summer movie draft! Every host gets to pick 3 films being released this summer. We add up each movies opening weekend results and at the end of the summer we will declare a winner! Join us for this hilarious pick-by-pick draft!

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April 26, 2017

Your anus, I mean Uranus

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Beau and Nick gives a run down of the box office and originality in Hollywood​. Beau talks about how he partied to Prince over the weekend and Nick talks the Expanse and the into the Badlands. Contact us on Facebook,TakeToo podcast. Twitter @TakeToopodcast email us

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Tony, Craig and Brian dive way too deep into the world of sports movies! How many times will Kevin Costner make a sports movie and is it a bad thing? Join the boys on this lengthy conversation into the wide world of sports! email: twitter: @taketoopodcast web: call us: 867-5309

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Tony, Nick, Roy & Brian go in depth on some heavy news this week! Changes coming to the Academy Awards? A writers strike? New (nerd alert) video game announcements? All that along with a Fate of the Furious review as well as a couple new trailer releases. You know....that movie about galaxies far far away. Email: twitter: @taketoopodcast web: call us: 867-5309 Like & follow us on Facebook! reviews and ratings are MUCH appreciated!

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You down with the BBC? Yeah, you know me! Beau, Brian and Craig rock out this weeks show. Boss Baby and Power Rangers reviews are joined by the weekly box office & a ton of news! A heavy discussion about the DCEU and its direction along with S-Town, American Playboy & Five Came Back talk. We also unveil our latest segment - Rugrat Reviews!!

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Ratings and reviews are always welcome and encouraged!!

April 5, 2017

Hardcore Geek

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Roy and Nick talks box office,news, some tv, and a little gaming. At the end the show, don't go anywhere because Brain and Tony have a special review of Five Came Back. Then Craig gives his view of WrestleMania 33.

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