Episode 111

The OFFICIAL Podcast of the CW Network in Washington, DC


Hosts: John and Brian

Reviews of Ralph Breaks the Internet, Homecoming, Superman: The Movie & The Christmas Chronicles this week!

John has a great brand new Podcast to recommend. The Box Office gives us a couple record breakers and the guys have quite the healthy discussion about our DC and Marvel segments.

Ratings and Reviews always appreciated!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:05,
  • Ralph Review -10:24,
  • Box Office - 18:15,
  • Superman review - 21:10,
  • The Chronicles of Christmas - 30:10,
  • Podcast Recommendation - 35:05,
  • Homecoming review - 37:40,
  • Casting Couch - 41:45,
  • Hollywood News - 51:40,
  • DC Discussion - 1:26:30,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:36:20,
  • Going Forward - 1:44:15


November 25, 2018



Take Too Spotlight


Hosts: Tony and Brian

Take a second look. You didn't realize she was in so many great films did ya? Not known until recently as a leading lady but has always been a force to be recognized throughout her career.

Viola Davis is one of the top actresses of both stage and screen and small screen for our generations to enjoy.

She is an EOT winner and isn't done yet with those!

Such films as Traffic, Trust, Doubt, Suicide Squad, the Help & Fences to name a few have established her film career. On television she may have guest starred on every popular show in the 90's and 2000's, but her leading role on How to Get Away with Murder propelled her to stardom. 

She is a multiple Tony winner on stage just to ice the cake while she's at it.

Join us for this great chat about the amazing Viola Davis!


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November 24, 2018

CW Recap Show Week 6 11/24/18


CW Recap Show

Episode 6

The OFFICIAL Podcast for Washingtons CW Network

Hosts: Brian, Craig, John, Roy and Tony

Here we are. Five Dudes, One Podcast.

That's us. Take Too Podcast. Join us every Saturday for a break down of all the top CW shows. We also have our regular weekly show which releases Tuesdays that covers all things Hollywood news, reviews and our take too.

This week is a bit of an abbreviated episode. No episodes for Riverdale, All American or Supernatural. Do not worry though. Craig and John add a little fun chatter to hold you over for the All American and Riverdale fans.

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Ratings and Reviews are always appreciated!

Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - :45
  • Supergirl - 1:30,
  • Charmed - 12:30,
  • Arrow - 19:45,
  • Legends of Tomorrow - 28:30,
  • Flash - 36:00,
  • Black Lightning - 45:15,
  • Riverdale - 55:30,
  • All American - 1:02:00


Episode 110

Hosts: Roy and Brian

This episode is brought to you from the mean streets of Roys dining room. China cabinets, Armoires, family photos and a microphone!

The highlight of the show isn't our low key audio but it is the amazing interview with Lily Melgar! The Emmy winner joins Brian for a long chat about her career up to now and going forward!

We of course have our normal What's in the Glass, Casting Couch, DC & Marvel as well as Hollywood news segments. For a first time though our Podcast Recommendation is much of a positive one. 

Tony fills his quota with 7 quick reviews for his weekly Stream Warrior segment as well!

Ratings and Reviews are always appreciated!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:04,
  • Box Office - 5:45,
  • What's in the Glass - 15:30,
  • Podcast Recommendation - 19:15,
  • Lily Melgar interview - 26:45,
  • Stream Warrior - 49:40,
  • Hollywood News - 1:10:20,
  • Casting Couch - 1:38:10,
  • DC Discussion - 1:43:40,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:52:00,
  • Going Forward - 1:55:30


The Realm of Take Too Podcast is back with another great episode. Host Roy takes a look at the Washington CW new show Legacies. Next he dives deeper into this season of the Supernatural. As always, he spins his time-turner to take a look at a series you may have missed the first time around in Rewind. He will cover the news since our last adventure and will finish up by peering through the mist to see whats up and coming. Stick around, you don't want to miss this!

Opening                 0:00

Intro                      0:25

Legacies Review      1:08

Supernatural          16:58

Rewind-Lost Girl     22:43   

News                     26:45

Up and Coming      29:49

Closing                  32:26 

November 17, 2018

CW Recap Show Week 5 11/17/18


The OFFICIAL podcast for the CW Network in Washington, DC


CW Recap Show Week 5

All NINE shows are back this week and each of them drop some serious story-lines! We break every show down in order of air date. This week is pretty heavy with our host Roy.  He has become a true CW Warrior!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Supergirl - 1:10,
  • Charmed - 9:15,
  • Arrow - 17:45,
  • Legends of Tomorrow - 25:45,
  • Flash - 34:15,
  • Black Lightning - 45:00,
  • Riverdale - 54:30,
  • All American - 1:00:45,
  • Supernatural - 1:10:00 
November 13, 2018

Ep109 11/13/18 Excelsior!

Episode 109 !!


Hosts: Craig and Brian, with multiple visits from Tony!

Where do we start? With a remembrance of an absolute icon. All our host give a brief collective tribute to what Stan Lee meant to each of them. 

Craig has a teaser review of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Tony makes multiple visits to drop SIX reviews for us. Including but not limited to Overlord, Eighth Grade, Kidding and more!

We play a new game called NOT TAKE. Anything out there that you secretly don't like while the rest of the world loves?!?

Our What's in the Glass segment sparks an all too important life debate. Casting Couch, Box Office and Going Forward are all loaded while our Hollywood News gets deep!

Finally, Craig and Brian enter their submissions for our new Stream Warrior segments intro song. Who's did you enjoy better??

Ratings and Reviews always appreciated and welcomed!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro and random chatter - :55,
  • Stan Lee tribute - 6:30,
  • New hosts shoutout - 23:10,
  • Overlord review - 28:10,
  • Box Office - 36:35,
  • Netflix reviews - 47:10,
  • Sabrina review teaser - 1:01:50,
  • What's in the Glass - 1:04:45,
  • Not Take - 1:08:00,
  • Podcast Recommendation - 1:12:30,
  • Tony's TV Time - 1:16:00,
  • Hollywood News - 1:23:45,
  • DC Discussion - 1:43:30,
  • Eighth Grade review - 1:50:55,
  • Casting Couch - 1:56:40,
  • Going Forward - 2:01:30


November 11, 2018



Take Too Spotlight

Episode 18:  HUGH JACKMAN


Tony and Brian are back and breaking down this multi-talent triple threat actor. From stage to screen, musical to superhero, RomCom to period piece this guy can do it all!

Films such as X-Men, Wolverine, Logan, Deception, The Greatest Showman and The Prestige to go along with stage performances in Oklahoma!, The Boy from Oz and so much more!

Join us on this fun and sometimes singing episode of Take Too Spotlight!

Ratings and Reviews are always appreciated.

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November 10, 2018

CW Recap Show Week 4 11/10/18


The Official Podcast for the CW Network in Washington, DC

Recap Show Episode 4

No Flash or Black Lightning this week, but the boys bring some serious thoughts to the other seven great shows we cover.

Roy and Tony knock out Legends and Arrow. Brian couldn't be on Arrow this week because he's too annoyed with Felicity right now.

Roy and John have solo reviews of Supernatural and All American. Ummm awkward hot tub scene?

Craig and John cover Charmed and Riverdale while Brian, Craig AND John discuss Supergirl and her Power Ranger suit!

Ratings and Reviews always appreciated! Download and Subscribe today!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - :40,
  • Supergirl - 1:05,
  • Charmed - 7:55,
  • Arrow - 13:45,
  • Legends - 22:15,
  • Riverdale - 29:05,
  • All American - 34:30,
  • Supernatural - 39:05


Episode 108

Hosts: Brian and a visit from Tony

The OFFICIAL podcast of the CW Network in Washington, DC!

Eight, yup that's right, EIGHT reviews for you folks to enjoy this week. Brian raves about Netflix's Daredevil. Our Stream Warrior Tony then adds seven more reviews during his TV Time!

Our podcast recommendation is an event everyone should check out. DC and Marvel are some fun discussion topics while the Casting Couch is ever so crowded this week!

A huge welcome to the world to Sahara, Adriana Sahara - oh yeah!

Ratings and Reviews are always appreciated!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:00,
  • New Member to Take Too Universe - 4:00,
  • Daredevil review - 5:00,
  • Box Office - 11:35,
  • Podcast Recommendation - 16:30,
  • Casting Couch - 18:25,
  • Tonys TV Time - 27:00,
  • Hollywood News - 56:20,
  • DC Discussion - 1:10:10,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:14:55,
  • Going Forward - 1:19:25


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