December 30, 2018





Hosts: Brian and Tony

Known for his comedic brilliance but lately has decided to show us some serious range as an actor. Steve Carell has starred in such films as Despicable Me, 40 Year Old Virgin, Get Smart, Foxcatcher, The Big Short, Welcome to Marwen & Crazy, Stupid, Love. Not to mention his time on Saturday Night Live, The Daily Show and of course - The Office.

We break down the life and career of this very underrated actor!

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Episode 115


Host: Brian

Merry Christmas everyone!

A quick solo show from one of our hosts Brian to celebrate this glorious holiday week.

He has reviews of Aquaman, Ellen: Relatable, Mowgli and our final Christmas review - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

DC finally wins the Box Office as we set up for a huge week of movie going and money making!

We crown our 2018 Best Christmas Film Champion!

The Podcast Recommendation has a Disney flavor to it this week! Book your trip now!

A quick Casting Couch and some solid Hollywood News rounds out our show!


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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:04,
  • Penny Marshall - 7:30,
  • Aquaman - 8:45,
  • Box Office - 15:24,
  • What's in the Glass - 18:40,
  • Christmas Review - 20:50,
  • Ellen: Relatable - 24:20,
  • Unlocking the Magic - 26:30,
  • Casting Couch - 29:40,
  • Mowgli - 31:40,
  • Hollywood News - 35:05,
  • Going Forward - 43:30


The Realm of Take Too Podcast is back with another great episode. This episode Roy breaks down the entire season of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina with a special guest Realmer. Afterwards, Roy gets into his favorite Fantasy Christmas movies. As always, he will take a look back at a movie or series you may have missed in Rewind. Next, he will discuss all the news surround the Fantasy Realm. And he will finish with whats up and coming and give you the last on where you can catch the next Wizarding World. Stick around for another great adventure.

0:00:00              Intro music

0:00:25              Intro to show

0:01:33              Review-The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

1:15:16              Fantasy Christmas Movies

1:20:03              Rewind-The 10th Kingdom

1:21:40              News

1:24:58              Up and Coming

1:29:52              Closing



Take Too Christmas Spectacular

Hosts: Everyone!!

Merry Christmas everyone! You are in for a treat! This season the boys from Take Too decided to mix it up a bit and they need YOUR help!

Each host was randomly assigned a Christmas movie to champion as the greatest off all time. The catch?  We removed the usual winners of this debate AND the hosts were assigned their films out of a big ole Santa hat!

Now you come in!  After listening to this amazing show we need YOU to vote on all our socials which of these five films shall rule the land?!?

Our winner will be announced on Christmas Eve where Craig will perform a song stark naked!

You'll also be treated to a few fun little gems along the way from each of our hosts!

We hope you enjoy and go out and vote!!!



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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - :45,
  • Scrooged - 5:00,
  • TTP Night Before Christmas - 12:40,
  • Gremlins - 20:35,
  • Dominic the Donkey - 25:40,
  • Nightmare Before Christmas - 29:00,
  • Love Actually - 32:50,
  • Bad Santa - 42:30


December 20, 2018

Take Too Takedown: Episode 59


Your boys are here to close the year out right.  Where TLC 2018 and the "New Era" of McMahon is taking WWE is our top discussion of the week.  So many good, and many more bad, ways that this can all go.  An impromptu 12 Good and Bad Things about WWE happens throughout the episode.  Plus much love for Right Coast Pro and MD Championship Wrestling, with some strong predictions for 2019 RCP.  

And an epic Gorilla Position to finish 2018 off with, GI Joe!  

Thanks for all of your support throughout 2018, and listen for even bigger events and shows in the coming year.

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Hosts: Everyone!

What a show!  What a show!!

We have ELEVEN reviews for you folks this week!! That's right, I said eleven! 

So many reviews that not only are ALL five hosts needed BUT we bring in the big guns as Tonys kids help out with a special Rugrat Review of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse!

The Favourite, Roma, Bohemian Rhapsody, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Vox Lux, Twice Upon a Christmas, El Camino Christmas, plus our Stream Warrior drops THREE big reviews you need to check out!

The box office is just getting us warmed up for next weekend while our DC and Marvel segments are lit!

STICK AROUND to hear Part Two of Brians crossover with the Bronx Pinstripes Show. This round they review Joe Torre: Curveballs Along the Way.

We would LOVE your ratings and reviews on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean & Google Play

Don't forget we are the Official Podcast for the CW Network in Washington, DC.

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:04,
  • The Favourite & Roma - 9:30,
  • Bohemian Rhapsody - 21:00,
  • Box Office - 25:45,
  • Christmas reviews - 30:05,
  • Mrs. Maisel - 35:45,
  • Rugrat Review - 39:30,
  • What's in the Glass - 49:00,
  • Podcast Recommendation - 51:30,
  • Vox Lux review - 53:45,
  • Stream Warrior - 57:15,
  • Casting Couch - 1:06:00,
  • Hollywood News - 1:11:05,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:18:00,
  • DC Discussion - 1:28:00,
  • Going Forward - 1:32:15,
  • Bronx Pinstripes - 1:40:00


December 16, 2018




Hosts: Tony and Brian

Hollywoods golden boy? One of the more underrated actors in the game? Cooper has been identified as both recently. One thing is undeniable though, he is a fantastic actor who may only be beginning to show us his range!

Great performances if films such as Hangover, Guardians of the Galaxy, A Star is Born, Silver Linings Playbook, Wedding Crashers and more are what prove this actors worth!

Join us this week and for every amazing episode of Take Too Spotlight!

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December 15, 2018

CW Recap Show Week 9 12/15/18


The OFFICIAL PODCAST of the CW NETWORK in Washington, DC

Due to the Elseworlds Crossover event you won't hear a recap of Supergirl, Flash or Arrow.

What you will find is a FULL breakdown of the fall finale episode for All American, Black Lightning, Riverdale, Charmed, Supernatural and Legends of Tomorrow !

Enjoy this final CW Recap episode of 2018 from all of us at Take Too Podcast!

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Hosts: Tony, Brian and even Roy

The now annual HUGE crossover event has come and gone! Our hosts watched, dissected and now bring to you their breakdown of Elseworlds!

Supergirl, Flash and Arrow and get merged together for the big event that need every hero they can find to help solve.

Listen as our boys go show by show pointing all the good, the bad and every easter egg that this amazing 3-days brought!!


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Back from our silent protest (begrudgingly), we sift through the garbage that is often WWE to bring you our stellar points of view.  We go through the 12, that's right TWELVE, matches that will be on the TLC event this weekend.  We have a barrel of fun with another edition of Gorilla Position casting one of our favorite CW shows.  Plus we cover all the glory that was Right Coast Pro's 50th Live Event.  It was insanity.  

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