February 28, 2019

Take Too Takedown: Episode 66


What a show this week folks! It's hard to really hammer down this week what we discussed because we were all over the map.  RAW, SmackDown, and NXT were all covered, with the comebacks of some, the departures of others, and talk of what the hell they are doing with even more.  We also have some fun AEW, New Japan, and all indy wrestling chat which organically leads into creation of a new game that will sweep the nation.  But that didn't stop us from Gorilla Position as well, that has a little change for all you Hollywood fans out there.  Plus Right Coast Pro has a new event this week and the Baldwin Bros grace us for our Moment Of. Oh yeah, and peanut butter...and lonely man meals...and cats.  It's a good time.

Here is the Baldwin Brothers epic promo for Right Coast Pro's "Party Gras" this weekend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyi7kSKmeAg

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Episode 124

LIVE from Comics to Astonish

The Spooferman & Flaming Batman Show

Hosts: Brian, Roy, John, Craig....and Evelyn?

Our monthly LIVE Show series with our on location recording from Comics to Astonish in Columbia, MD!

Four out of the five guys made it out to this amazing shop for our weekly recording and to mingle with fans while buying their latest books and collectables!

We have SEVEN reviews from our hosts plus an impromptu review from our new friend Evelyn.

Happy Death Day 2 U, Fighting with My Family, Lorena, How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World, Reign of the Supermen, Umbrella Academy and Alita: Battle Angel are all on tap this week!  Too many reviews? Too bad! We hope you enjoy em!

We also have plenty of Hollywood News, Casting Couch, a great Podcast Recommendation as well as DC and Marvel info along the way!

Ratings and Reviews are always encouraged

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:04,
  • Box Office - 7:05,
  • How to Train Your Dragon 3 review - 13:10,
  • Alita: Battle Angel - 19:50,
  • Fighting with My Family - 23:20,
  • Umbrella Academy - 30:16,
  • Lorena - 33:25,
  • Happy Death Day 2U - 38:00,
  • PodRec - 42:00,
  • What's in the Glass - 45:25,
  • Hollywood News - 51:45,
  • DC Discussion - 1:13:50,
  • Casting Couch - 1:17:05,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:27:30,
  • Going Forward - 1:34:15


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Rapid Reaction Episode

Hosts: Tony and Brian

Our 3rd annual Oscars reaction show!

We break down everything from the red carpet to the presenters to the performances to the winners and the losers!

We hope you enjoy our take on this years Academy Awards!

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February 24, 2019



Take Too Spotlight


Hosts: Brian and Tony

One of the more well known and most respected in all of Hollywood! 

Adams has been amazing in such films as Man of Steel, Enchanted, The Fighter, American Hustle, Junebug, Big Eyes, Vice and more!

Join us this week as we break down the life and career of this fantastic performer!

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February 23, 2019

CW Recap Show Week 15 2/23/19


The OFFICIAL Podcast of Washington DC's CW Network

Hosts: Brian, Craig & John

A quick week this week for our recap show. Only two shows made the cut.

Supergirl and Charmed are the only new episodes but that doesn't stop us from bringing you another amazing show!

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February 21, 2019

Take Too Takedown: Episode 65


Much to discuss this week in the world of WWE. So much so, that your T3 hosts needed some assistance so we brought Jeff the Ref in for the whole episode this week.  Between Elimination Chamber, NXT Call-Ups, and DX going into the Hall of Fame we try to cover it all.  But we still make sure we dive into the teabag for this week, give some predictions for upcoming Right Coast Pro's "Party Gras," and have an interstellar Gorilla Position.  

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Episode 123

Hosts: Brian, Tony & John

The Official Podcast of Washingtons CW Network

A bit of a hodgepodge of hosts this week.

Brian and Tony lead things off but Tony can't handle the in-ring pressure and needs John to tag in!

Brian and Tony handle the Box Office and then drop FIVE reviews on us! Isn't it Romantic, The Upside, They Shall Not Grow Old, Free Solo and Three Identical Strangers get this show started!

Then Tony tags out and John jumps into the action. He and Brian knock out a hefty amount of Hollywood News, Casting Couch and Marvel Minute. Then they get really chatty about the DC Discussion to wrap things up!

We get kinda lonely just talking to ourselves. You folks should really drop us a line. All of our socials are active and phone lines are open!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:04,
  • Box Office - 3:00,
  • Isn't it Romantic - 5:50,
  • The Upside - 13:00,
  • They Shall Not Grow Old - 17:10,
  • Free Solo - 22:20,
  • Three Identical Strangers - 25:45,
  • John tags in - 37:00,
  • PodRec - 46:40,
  • What's in the Glass - 51:30,
  • Hollywood News - 55:30,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:22:30,
  • DC Discussion - 1:29:40,
  • Casting Couch - 1:41:05,
  • Going Forward - 1:46:00


The Realm of Take Too Podcast is back with its first adventure of the year. Roy, your ever faithful guide, starts this weeks adventure checking in on some show favorites: The Magicians, Legacies, Supernatural, and a new favorite, The Passage. He also discusses what shows for 2019 he is most excited about. As always, he will reach into the past for a series you may have missed in rewind, and he will cover news around the fantasy world. Lastly, he discusses movies and shows coming out and he will break down the next Wizarding World show. Let's begin this new adventure.

00:00         Opening music

00:25         Introduction

01:08         Series Discussion: Supernatural, Legacies, Magicians, the Passage

24:04         Series coming in 2019

33:15         Rewind - Quantum Leap

40:05         News

43:25         Up and Coming

46:16         I'm out

February 16, 2019

CW Recap Show Week 14 2/16/19


CW Recap Show

Episode 14


The OFFICIAL Podcast of the CW Network in Washington, DC.

A quick show this week because we only have recaps for four of the regular shows. Arrow, Black Lightning, Flash are all new plus Brian has last weeks recap for All American.

Grab your cup of decaf Flash and hit us up on the socials for all your CW recap needs as well as our usual TV/ Film chatter!

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February 15, 2019

Take Too Takedown: Episode 64


Elimination Chamber is upon us and your T3 hosts are just feeling "meh" about it.  Are you in the same boat? We discuss why it is that people don't seem super excited for the event but that idea of the Women's Tag Team will still hopefully turn out okay.  We have some BREAKING NEWS that could effect the weekend's matches though.  But the boys are still sure to share their picks for the event and the second part of our T3 Champions Pick 'Em Challenge

Gorilla Position is for all your RomCom lovers out there and a very important follow up with Cardboard Becky Lynch.

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