The Realm of Take Too Podcast is back with another adventure! In Episode 12, Roy is loaded with show reviews and discussions of some of the Realm's favorite shows. Roy takes a lot at the season finales of Legacies and the Passage, while giving you some spoiler free thoughts of the Magicians and the Order. He also dives into a discussion of Supernatural and hopes moving into its final season. In this this episodes Rewind, we take a look at the Highlander: The Series. As always, Roy finishes up with News and what's Up and Coming. Stick around for another great adventure into the Realm of Take Too Podcast.

00:00 Opening music

00:25  Intro

01:09  Reviews of Legacies, Supernatural, The Magicians, The Passage, The Order

35:39 Rewind - Highlander: The Series
38:22 News
41:14 Up and Coming
44:52 Conclusion
45:12 Close out music


Episode 20

The OFFICIAL Podcast of DC's CW Network

We are back for a shortened episode this week. Well, sort of...

Only four shows were all new for us to enjoy. Brian and Craig knock out an amazing episode of Supergirl. John and Craig handle both Charmed and Riverdale. Then in honor of our 20th CW episode Roy and Brian speak for exactly 20 whole minutes all about this weeks Arrow.

Join us every week as we recap the top shows on the CW Network!

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It's easy for your T3 boys to get distracted, and this episode proves it.  But we have a hell of a time doing it and give you more information then you can handle.  So much Raw and SmackDown discussion as we lead into Wrestlemania.  Plus we got AEW and Right Coast Pro news for all of you. A timely March Madness version of Gorilla Position and T3 League starts to get more flushed out with some additional wrestlers.  

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Baseball Specialty Show

Hosts: Brian and Roy

Our National Pastime. 


The sport that has carried our country for decades.

Yes we may be big movie and tv buffs over here but its possible we know a little something about baseball too. Baseball movies that is.

In honor of Opening Day (should be a national holiday), we have compiled our full team filled with nothing but movie/tv baseball characters. No actual ballplayers were harmed during the drafting of these teams.

We chose such greats as Crash Davis, Dottie Hinson, Benny 'The Jet' Rodriguez, Nuke LaLoosh, Roy Hobbs, Willie Mays Hayes and so many more to round our our squads top to bottom.  We even added in Managers, team physicians, umpires and fans!

We hope you enjoy our specialty episode all about baseball players in the movies! Whose team do you think would win? Who would you put onto your squad?!?

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Episode 128

Hosts: Tony and Roy

The Official Podcast of DC's CW Network

This week is the Roy and Tony show! They broke away from their usual CW recaps and are here for the main product!

We saw SHAZAM! early and the guys drop a review for you. Tony also got to see US this weekend. Craig might be pretty happy with the boost in standings he'll see for our Spring Box Office challenge!

Roy has the Podcast Recommendation of the week as well as our What's in the Glass. Tony has his usual Stream Warrior segment plus we drop a new segment for everyone - Trailer Talk!

Craig also swings by with his review of the Netflix documentary Dirt.

A ton of good Hollywood News, DC Discussion and Marvel along the way! Don't forget to vote on our special 1989 vs 1999 movie bracket challenge!

Ratings and Reviews are always welcomed.

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:06,
  • Box Office - 2:05,
  • Draft Update - 5:55,
  • SHAZAM! review - 6:55,
  • US review - 13:25,
  • Dirt review - 20:20,
  • Bracketology Update - 25:30,
  • PodRec - 28:40,
  • Hollywood News - 32:00,
  • Marvel Minute - 45:00,
  • DC Discussion - 52:40,
  • Trailer Talk - 56:00,
  • TTP Promotions - 1:03:15,
  • Casting Couch - 1:06:35,
  • Stream Warrior - 1:15:45,
  • What's in the Glass - 1:27:15,
  • Going Forward - 1:28:00


Take Too Spotlight

Episode 26



Tony and Brian have returned for the #1 rated spinoff show from Take Too Podcast.

Committed to their craft is an understatement when describing the actor featured on this episode. Christian Bale is well known for vocal and physical transformations for each of his roles. You rarely see the same guy twice. Such films as American Psycho, The Prestige, Hostiles, American Hustle, Vice and The Dark Knight trilogy just scratch the surface of what this amazing performer has done.

Join us as we break down the full life and career of this incredible actor.

Ratings and Reviews always welcomed!

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CW Recap Show Episode 19

Hosts: everybody

A huge week for the CW !!

Two shows had their season finale. One of them may have had their FINAL show ever?!?

We also received news that another show will be done after next year :(

Oh, and Supergirl had what our hosts are calling the BEST episode it has ever had! MISS TESSMACHER!!

No Legends this week. It will make its return in two short weeks! 

Tune in every Saturday as we break down the top shows on the CW Network!


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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - :35,
  • Supergirl - 4:30,
  • Charmed - 17:55,
  • Arrow - 24:10,
  • Black Lightning - 36:35,
  • Flash - 51:00,
  • Riverdale - 1:01:45,
  • All American - 1:14:00,
  • Supernatural - 1:25:40


It's new episode time and we made it all the way to Episode 69.  But you'll be happy to know that we are professional adults and stayed away for the dirty jokes as much as we could(just our normal inappropriate amount). John has risen from the grasp of death flu to come back this week.  So we be sure to get his Fastlane opinion and then share some healthy discussion about why everything leading to Wrestlemania as to be so damn complicated.  We add some more flavor to our T3 League so we can join the indie wrestling mix.  A timely Gorilla Position for this week and an old friend returns for the Moment Of.  Plus the Right Coast Pro Wrestling Extravaganza fun going on this week that you need to check out.

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Da Machine

Episode 127

Hosts: Tony and Brian

We have three reviews for you folks to enjoy this week. Brian really enjoyed the new Apollo 11 documentary out in theaters now. Tony then drops his thoughts on Leaving Neverland and Triple Frontier.

We have some solid casting announcements and a few new trailers came out that we discuss. The Hollywood News provides some interesting topics that we chat about as well.

There's a great new podcast that we recommend as well as some good What's in the Glass advice.

CHECK OUT our socials for a new March Madness tournament of voting we have! Remember 1989? Remember 1999?  Then you need to participate in our new bracket of head to head movies!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:04,
  • Box Office - 3:25,
  • Apollo 11 review - 8:10,
  • Triple Frontier review - 13:10,
  • Leaving Neverland review - 19:15,
  • What's in the Glass - 30:15,
  • PodRec - 33:30,
  • Hollywood News - 40:35,
  • Casting Couch - 51:30,
  • DC Discussion - 58:25,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:08:05,
  • Going Forward - 1:12:15



Official Podcast of Washingtons CW Network

Week 18 !

Hosts: everyone but John

We are coming down the home stretch! Some shows have only six episodes remaining while a couple of shows are done NEXT WEEK!

Craig and Brian team up for Supergirl before Craig rolls solo on Charmed and Riverdale. Brian drops a solo All American, Roy casts a spell over Supernatural and then the dynamic duo of Tony and Roy knock out Flash, Black Lightning and Arrow!

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Ratings and Reviews are always welcomed!

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