Episode 181

We are quickly becoming the only game in town and that makes us want to cover even more content!

The highlight of this week is a quick interview with writer/director Josh Webber. He is in the middle of filming Issac and took some time to chat with Brian about it.

We rock out reviews of The Hunt, Ozarks s3, Feel Good, The Platform, Plot Against America, Tom Segura, Crip Camp and Tony finishes things off with a great promo of a local film - Mount Skylight!

Our Casting Couch is quite crowded and Hollywood News brings up some great talking points.

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - :38,
  • March Madness - 2:00,
  • The Hunt - 7:30,
  • Stream Warrior - 15:20,
  • Ozarks - 15:45,
  • The Platform - 23:00,
  • Feel Good - 26:00,
  • Crip Camp - 30:00,
  • Tom Segura - 35:20,
  • Plot Against America - 37:40,
  • Mount Skylight - 40:15,
  • Josh Webber Interview - 44:00,
  • Trailer Talk - 55:14,
  • Casting Couch - 1:00:31,
  • Glass - 1:08:00,
  • PodRec - 1:12:15,
  • Hollywood News - 1:16:10,
  • DC Discussion - 1:29:05,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:31:20,
  • Going Forward - 1:33:45


Come one, Come all to the Realm of Take Too Podcast. Roy brings you a jam packed show to help you prioritize your watchlist. First, he gives reviews of Netflix's Locke and Key and Pixar's Onward. Next, he gives you a first reaction to the Netflix's new medieval adventure in the Letter for the King. From there, Roy moves on to Catch-ups bring you up to speed on Supernatural and Legacies. Before you know it, we are traveling back in time to see if you missed a show the first time around in Rewind. As always, we finish up the show with News and Up and Coming. Now on with the show!

Let me know your thoughts:

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Need to skip ahead:

  • Intro - 00:24; Review - Locke and Key - 01:26; Review - Onward - 19:12; First Reaction - The Letter for the King - 29:12; Catch-up SN - 32:45; Catch-up Legacies - 37:12; Rewind - The Strain - 48:28; News - 50:30; Up and Coming - 52:54

Thank you for listening!

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THE Official Podcast of the CW Network in Washington DC on DCW50

It's episode 21 and it means we are finally legal! But with a short week it also means that we don't have much to cover.

You get a lot of Craig this episode (you're welcome) as he breaks down Batwoman and Supergirl.  Then Master of the Wizarding Realm Roy finishes off the show with a Supernatural recap.  And that's all she wrote people.  Only three shows this week, but that doesn't matter.  Because Take Too Podcast is always here for you with the recaps and will be throughout the rest of the CW season.

Just us every Saturday for our weekly CW recap show and stay healthy by staying home.


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We are back!  Made it a whole two episodes so far.  I know, we are proud of ourselves too.  It's just odd to discuss wrestling now because we are in such a weird time, but your T3 boys are here for you to do just that.  Some fun debuts on AEW make for a fun Dynamite and WWE seems to learn from some mistakes and be a little better.  Not much, but a little.  But could all of this quarantine mess end up being for the best?  How can this help televised wrestling?  We have some good discussion this week as to what will happen when all this is over.

We go off into a lot of non-wrestling tangents too.  Because we can.  Including what our Wrestlemania eating challenge will be for 2020 and old childhood movies that lead to a challenge of sorts before next week's episode (thank you Take Too Podcast for the inspiration).

Please make sure to leave us 5 star reviews and comment on wherever you are listening to this show.

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Episode 180

No theaters? No problem!

Seven. Yes folks SEVEN reviews for you this week. We look forward to many loaded Stream Warrior segments coming your way during this rough time. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Hey Big Boy, Westworld, Kidding s2, Monster Challenge, Swallow and Tiger King are all chatted about today.

It is a bit of a sad day as for the first time we don't have a staple of our show - the Box Office report. :(

BUT! The rest of the show is amazing. We fully break down our March Madness polls which we are right in the middle of! Go to your phones or computers and VOTE daily!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:10,
  • Poll Updates - 7:30,
  • Stream Warrior - 17:05,
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm - 17:35,
  • Hey Big Boy - 21:30,
  • Westworld - 29:15,
  • Monster Challenge - 33:45,
  • Swallow - 35:45,
  • Tiger King - 39:00,
  • Trailer Talk - 51:05,
  • Casting Couch - 1:00:45,
  • Hollywood News - 1:11:11,
  • DC Discussion - 1:22:45,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:24:15,
  • Going Forward - 1:25:45

Take Too Spotlight



One of the more polarizing actors of our generation. Known as much in the tabloids as he is for his performances on screen.

Chasing Amy, Gone Girl, Batman V Superman, Gigli, Changing Lanes, The Town and Good Will Hunting are just a few examples of the range and talent this actor has!

Join us as we break down the incredible life and career of this incredible artist.



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Official Podcast of the CW Network

in Washington, DC on DCW50

It's episode twenty!!

A lot of moving parts this week. We hope you can keep up!

Supergirl, Batwoman, Flash, Legends and Supernatural are all new this week. Riverdale and Nancy Drew got a make up review from a week ago.

Don't forget Supernatural has now moved to Monday nights as well!

Join us every Saturday for our weekly CW recap show!



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Best Irish Movies

We are joined by Patreon member Chris!!

He is a top tier level subscriber and has chose to join us on the show as well as the segment to discuss.

His topic of choice - Irish Movies!

We break down a litany of the top Irish movies ever made along with the best Irish actors, score, scripts and even an overrated Irish band or two...

Join us for this fun show only brought to you because of our Patreon!

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This is it folks!  The very first episode of the new show Takedown, from the T3 Podcast Network.  The wrestling podcast that you have been needing in your life.  This is an odd time in wrestling with no crowds of RAW or SmackDown and the future of Wrestlemania in a weird sort of limbo.  What better time to relaunch a wrestling podcast?  But here we are and we can't wait to talk about it all.  We have so many opinions and want to share them all with you, even if you didn't ask.  Plus we get into some of our favorite wrestlers so you can tell where in life your hosts are coming from in their fandom.  And lots of ideas about where the future of this weird, corona-time is heading for wrestling.

Please send all of your letters to our mailbag segment, TripleTBag@gmail.com

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Episode 179


The show must go on. We are here for your weekly distraction. Lean on us for a listen and a laugh during this rough time.

We have our first ever Patreon guest host this week as Chris joins us and brings his specialty segment for us to tackle.  He chose favorite Irish films and what a perfect day to chat about them.  We have a little snippet of our convo with Chris but stay tuned later this week for the full Irish show!

Streaming reviews of McMillion$, Lost Girls, Spenser Confidential and Big Time Adolescence lead the way today. The Box Office breaks records in a bad way.

Hollywood News is of course led by the effects of Covid while the Casting Couch remains crowded.

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - 1:40,
  • Box Office - 8:40,
  • Challenge Update - 12:55,
  • Polls - 14:00,
  • Stream Warrior - 17:10,
  • McMillion$ - 17:30,
  • Lost Girls - 21:40,
  • Spenser Confidential - 28:30,
  • Big Time Adolescence - 33:10,
  • Guest Host Chris segment - 40:15,
  • What's in the Glass - 51:45,
  • Casting Couch - 54:11,
  • Hollywood News - 1:01:18,
  • DC Discussion - 1:16:05,
  • Marvel Minute - 1:17:45,
  • Going Forward - 1:20:45


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