November 10, 2018

CW Recap Show Week 4 11/10/18


The Official Podcast for the CW Network in Washington, DC

Recap Show Episode 4

No Flash or Black Lightning this week, but the boys bring some serious thoughts to the other seven great shows we cover.

Roy and Tony knock out Legends and Arrow. Brian couldn't be on Arrow this week because he's too annoyed with Felicity right now.

Roy and John have solo reviews of Supernatural and All American. Ummm awkward hot tub scene?

Craig and John cover Charmed and Riverdale while Brian, Craig AND John discuss Supergirl and her Power Ranger suit!

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Be Kind; Rewind:

  • Intro - :40,
  • Supergirl - 1:05,
  • Charmed - 7:55,
  • Arrow - 13:45,
  • Legends - 22:15,
  • Riverdale - 29:05,
  • All American - 34:30,
  • Supernatural - 39:05


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