December 14, 2019

CW Season 2 Recap Show Week 10 (non-Crisis) 12/14/19

CW Season 2 Recap Show 

Week 10 (non-Crisis)

Crisis may be the hot new girl on the CW network, but that doesn't mean our old standbys take a backseat.  We had mid-season finales for Riverdale, Nancy Drew, and Charmed and Take Too will never leave our true loves in the cold.  So your boys Craig & John are here to break them all down.  We have a lot of feelings about this cliffhanger episodes and are (mostly) excited for their return in January.  

While our CW recap shows will also be taking a winter break until mid-January, please don't be scared.  Take Too Podcast will continue to drop multiple episodes throughout these winter weeks.  Check out our main weekly show released on Take Too Tuesdays and all of the amazing spin-offs we have.  Join our Patreon and you'll get EVEN MORE. 

Have a great holiday season everyone and we'll see you at the movies

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