April 30, 2019

Ep133 4/30/2019 LIVE from Awesome Con

Episode 133

Hosts: Tony and Roy

Tony and Roy are LIVE from Awesome Con in Washington, DC. We talk about being live at Awesome Con and recording live from the DCW50 Booth. We have two reviews for you this week with us giving you our initial impressions of Avengers: End Game and then we get into a SPOILER FULL review, so check the show notes if you want to skip ahead. Tony also reviews about the Gotham Finale in DC News so if you haven't watched, skip ahead. No updates to our movie draft as every host wisely stayed away from this EVERY record that could be broken was Box Office Weekend.

No Casting Couch this week, but Trailer Talk and News more than make up for its absence. Tony as our Podcast Recommendation towards the end of the episode. If you had your fill of End Game (and could you really?) check out whats coming out this weekend in Going Forward.

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  • Intro - 00:01:06
  • Box Office - 00:02:40
  • Avengers: End Game Initial Impressions - 00:05:42
  • Avengers: End Game FULL SPOILER Review - 00:11:26
  • What's in the Glass - 00:41:39
  • News - 00:43:14
  • Trailer Talk - 00:53:35
  • DC Discussion - 01:05:25
  • Marvel Minute - 01:11:32
  • Take Too Universe - 01:19:23
  • PodRec - 01:23:15
  • Going Forward - 01:24:36

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