May 19, 2019

Spotlight ep31: Dwayne Johnson


Episode 31

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Hosts: Tony, Brian....and guest?

Finally. Take Too has come Spotlight! This actor has such an oversized career that we needed to bring in some extra help! John from Take Too Takedown is here to add a triple threat!

This episode of Take Too Spotlight features one of the biggest icons in all of Hollywood. A man literally larger than life; in personality, talent, smile and of course in muscles!

He didn't start out his life destined for acting, but he found his way here and is absolutely dominating.  A career that began inside of the squared circle has now grown above and beyond maybe what even he dreamed.

Now a staple of the Hollywood community he has shown that he's not just some good looking athlete with charisma. Performances in films such as San Andreas, Scorpion King, Jumanji, Pain and Gain, The Rundown, Moana and so many more have given us just a glimpse into the multi-talent abilities of The Rock.!

Join us as we lay the smack down on this life and career of one of our favorites on screen today!


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