June 2, 2019

SPOTLIGHT ep32: Ryan Reynolds AND Keanu Reeves

Take Too Spotlight

Episode 32

Ryan Reynolds and Keanu Reeves

Hosts: Tony and Brian

Our last episode featured a LIVE show with a special celebrity guest host!

This time around we're going crazy and doubling our efforts just to keep you entertained. A little different style than what you may be used to. We break down the early life and current personal accomplishments of both Reynolds and Reeves. Then we drop each of our Top 5 favorite films and/or performances from each actor. Don't worry, we throw in quite a few honorable mentions along the way.

Did your film make our lists? Can you figure out the connections both these fantastic actors have with each other and with their careers? Should Tony and Brian re-enact their own version of "I Will Survive" in a prison cell?

Find out all this and so much more on this fantastic episode of Take Too Spotlight!!

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