August 31, 2019

Take Too Takedown: Episode 89 - John & Jeff’s Classy Show


Craig may be off this week but John & Jeff the Ref are excited to finally bring some class to the T3 World.  Now there can be some high brow discussions of RAW, SmackDown, NXT, and AEW without Craig getting in the way with his discussion of food and high fructose corn syrup...I'll be honest folks, this is Craig here.  As the sole T3 member who knows how to post these shows i'm posting episode 89 with no idea what was said on it.  I'm sure i was talked badly about, but that's mainly due to jealousy on Jeff and John's part.  They probably tried to sound smart but i'm sure failed.  Then more talk of how horrible i am.  Plus Jeff is having a kid real soon, so maybe some real life discussion in there too.  Who knows? But i can guarantee one's damn good for sure. Because we are all just that damn good.

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