March 14, 2020

Take Too Takedown: Takexit


It's here.  The day and the episode we have been discussing for a month is upon is. Takexit has come.  

This is the final episode of Take Too Takedown.  There is crying, drinking, laughing, and oh so much more.  We have some wrestling talk, so great love for show friends and family, and even dive in to movies for a while as homage to our big poppa show, Take Too.

But do not worry folks.  Your hosts are merely just leaving the nest to move on to their own feed.  You can find them now at T3 Podcast Network on iTunes, Podbean, Google Play, and all those great podcasting apps.  Find and follow them now for all your wrestling info from this day forward.

Thank you so much for listening folks and we will see you over at T3 Podcast Network

twitter: @TakeTooTakedown




Edited by 

Da Machine

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