July 25, 2020

The Realm of Take Too Podcast 07/25/2020 - SPINOFF SHOW

The mist have cleared one day early for Episode 28 of the Realm of Take Too Podcast to arrive! Roy brings a review heavy show with reviews of Season 2 of the Order, the first season of the Warrior Nun and a quick review of Cursed. Be sure to check show notes because there are spoilers. Once we get through the reviews, its on to Rewind where we pull from 1987. Next up is News and they Roy finishes up the show with Up and Coming. So let's start this show already!


Let me know your thoughts!


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Need to skip ahead:

  • Intro - 00:24
  • Review - The Order S2 - 01:12
  • Review - Warrior Nun - 21:21
  • First Reaction - Cursed - 38:08
  • Rewind - Werewolf - 42:02
  • News - 45:42
  • Up and Coming - 51:08

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